Never Be Afraid To Trust An Unknown Future To A Known God

Text for Today: Matt. 2:13-21 “And go to the land of Israel, for those who sought the young Child’s life are dead.” (vs. 20b).

God works things out on his timetable to bring the best results for us. When Joseph was instructed to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus, one would have thought, why did God ask them to do instead of dealing with their enemy right away. I want you to know that, He works things out according to His schedule and timetable.

I hope you know that, the enemy is not fighting against you simply because of who you are or what you have today, but because of whom you would become in the future. I often say to people that, the wicked ones have some evil powers to see the glory even before the glory carrier does.

Whatever a man has and does not protect shall disappear from his life. The enemy tried all his best to destroy Moses and Jesus before their second birthday. Why? He feared their future and He fears yours too! However, the enemy failed woefully in his attempt to cut short their lives, because God was their defense and fortress.

By the help of God, king Herod lost the battle over the future of Jesus, I therefore decree today that, the enemy shall lose the battle over your future in Jesus’ name. I charge you to regularly engage in spiritual warfare, so as to perpetually put the enemy where he belongs.

You must not become complacent in your spiritual walk with God, so as not to give the enemy a foothold into your destiny. May the glory you look forward to in the future become a testimony in your mouth soon in the name of Jesus.

You are a Champion!

Further Study: Ex.1:9-22.

Covenant Prayers                                  

  • Father, I thank you for the great vision you gave me.
  • Nothing will cut short my expectation in life in Jesus’ name.
  • Lord, give me grace to look beyond the present pain.
  • Father, whether the enemy like it or not, my vision shall speak.


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