In Covenant Champions Global Assembly (CCGA), God is at work, saving, healing, lifting, and raising champions for this generation.

Make it a day this season by joining any of our Life-Changing Programmes:

Mentoring & Training Class Every Sunday8:00 am. – (Workers Fellowship)

(Releasing God’s Power and Grace for Kingdom Service).

Right from the time of creation and up till now, God has not changed His mind on how He gets His mission, plan, and purpose accomplished through men.

He takes whoever He will use to fulfill His purpose on earth through a continuous training process.

The ability and grace to follow are one of the attributes of a potential leader who will go very far with God.

Until you submit yourself to be tutored, instructed and mentored, you may not discover your true identity and therefore becomes impossible for you to manifest your God-given agenda.

The Impartation and Empowerment ServiceEvery Sunday9 am.

Nothing happens on its own, things are made to happen through God’s Power. This is another inspiring moment in His presence.

This service is power-packed, as we provoke the supernatural of God through in-depth of God’s word and covenant prayers.

Life is not a funfair but warfare, the reason why you have to be imparted and empowered to occupy your place on earth and take full charge of your territories in destiny. 

Word Encounter & Communion Service (1 Tim. 4:15)Every Wednesday5:30-7:30 pm.

(Unleashing God’s Power through His word for Exploits and Breakthrough).

The word of God is God Himself. The only way to know God is through His word.

We need to know God more than we do now, Dan. 11:32b “…they that know their God shall be strong and they shall do exploits.”

Ona Mi La (Warfare & Prophetic Service)Every Friday – 10 am-12noon

Provoking the Supernatural through the instrumentality of Warfare Prayers.

We engage in intense warfare prayers for two hours to unlock our destinies and step into our covenant inheritances.

This is a meeting filled with diverse manifestations of God’s power, with signs and wonders following.  

Zion EncounterObad. 1:17Every 2nd Saturday of the month – 8-10 am.

(Deliverance and possessing your possession Service).

It’s a monthly miracle service where we encounter our Creator so as to take delivery of our possessions.  

Night of Praise & Warfare3rd Friday of Every month – 10 pm-4 am.

A Night of Praise, Covenant Prayers, Miracles & Testimonies.

Point of Mercy Every Last Day of the month 5:30-7:30 pm.

(A night to contact God’s Mercy for Exploits and Breakthrough in the new month).

Champions Eagles Summit(Youth & Singles) First Saturday of Every month – 4-7 pm

(A time of Information, Interaction, Networking, and Impartation).

You are welcomed to this unique family of Uncommon Champions in God, called Covenant Champions Global Assembly.

You are next in line for a miracle.