The Only Life Worth Living Is The One We Take Responsibility For Choosing

Text for Today: Gen 3:1-20. “Then the man said, the woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate.” (vs. 12).

John C. Maxwell said and I quote, “The greatest day and season in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.”

When you blame others you give your power away, and when you take responsibility, you take your power to transform your life. When you don’t take complete responsibility for your life, you are more likely to keep blaming others, complaining about everything and not actually doing anything on your own to change things around you.

We cannot have a world where everyone is a victim; “I’m this way because my father made me this way. I’m this way because my husband made me this way.” that’s a lie of the devil, and one will continue to live in deception all through his life and gets nowhere.

Yes, we are indeed affected somehow by situations and circumstances that happen to us, but then you must take charge, you must take over, you are responsible. The future is up for grabs and it belongs to any and all who will take the risk and accept the responsibility of consciously creating the future they want.

Part of growing up is taking responsibility for oneself. The deacons of the early church took personal responsibility for meeting some practical needs of the church (Acts 6:3). The Bible expects us to take personal responsibility in all areas of life.

At times, people try to avoid personal responsibility, usually through blame-shifting. From our text for today, Adam tried to blame Eve for his sin and got punished for it(Gen. 3:12).

You are a Champion!

Further Study: Jonah 1:1-17.

Covenant Prayers                           

  • Father, I thank you for this brand new day.
  • I cast out every spirit of irresponsibility in Jesus’ name.
  • I resist every plan of the devil that wants to derail me in life.
  • This last quarter of 2022, I shall break new grounds.


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