Don’t Lose Yourself Holding On To Someone Who Doesn’t Have The Right Answer

Text for Today: 1 Kings 17:1-16 “As the Lord the God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word”. (vs. 1).

Every day, life presents many choices before us, and the choices we make determines our future. You must learn to choose your association carefully, because from this one decision will come ninety percent of all your happiness or misery.

A sign of wisdom is for you to avoid people with bad vibes and character. That was the mistake King Ahab lured the entire nation into, by giving them a false god and they also foolishly accepted it.

It took Elijah to bring the word of God to King Ahab that,a time of drought was coming. There was going to be food shortage, water was going to become scarce and there would be suffering and death in the land.

It was not an easy word for Elijah to bring. Elijah was confronting the central issue of the day because, King Ahab had allowed false worship to enter Israel through his pagan wife Jezebel.

She introduced a form of ancient nature religion to Israel which involved the worship of Baal and Asherah, the male and female gods of a pagan fertility cult. Elijah was challenging the false gods of this evil system.

Just like during the time of Elijah when men went after false gods in search of solution, people today are relentlessly pursuing wealth and happiness within the context of a value system that excludes God.

This pursuit shows us the heart of the problem of our society and I believe it is the result of a misplaced and idolatrous expression of the fundamental needs of the human heart. I charge you to be vigilant so as not to fall into the hands of agents of false gods.

You are a Champion!

Further Study: 1 kings 16:29-34.

Covenant Prayers                       

  • Father, I thank you for the gift of this brand new day.
  • Lord, I give you praise for promises of divine provision.
  • I cast out every spirit of lack and poverty from my life.
  • I reject every spirit that wants to make me an enemy of God.


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