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The Sovereignty Of God

Text for Today: Gen 41:1-16 “The Pharaoh sent and called Joseph and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon; and changed his clothing, and came Pharaoh.” (vs.14).

The greatness of the man’s power is the measure of his surrender to the sovereignty of God. One of the attributes of God is that, “He does whatsoever He likes”, of which no man can question Him.

He moves and do things whichever way it pleases Him. He can cause morning to become night suddenly, and can turn things around for whoever He chose to.

Going through the scriptures, we could see that very many times God used huge challenges and trials to elevate His children. A crisis some other people had thought would consume a man was the same that God used to take him to glory.

God can use any situation whether pleasant or ugly to promote anyone, once his appointed time comes. From our text for today, who would have thought that a problem created by a dream king Pharaoh had would be an instrument of liberation to a glorious destiny for a young man.

The story of Joseph that we read today is talking about how far God can go to elevate His own elect. Because it was time for Joseph to be remembered, God caused a crisis to happen in the palace of Pharaoh.

He had a dream in which nobody, not even his astrologers, could interpret. The whole kingdom was in disarray because nobody could interpret the king’s dream. Immediately Joseph was sent for and he interpreted the dream of the king.

I pray for you today that, you shall be sent for where it matters in Jesus’ name. In every crisis, if you will look inward, there is promotion, elevation and goodness attached to it. Be wise!

You are a Champion!         

Further Study: Dan. 2:1-19.                       

Covenant Prayer                                

  • Father, I thank you for loving me as I am.
  • I take authority over forces and powers holding me down.
  • Father, connect me to everyone you have destined to help me.
  • My glory shall show forth before this year is over.


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