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Appreciate The Little You Have While You Trust God For More

Text for Today: Luke 15:11-23 “And he would have gladly filled his stomach with the pods that the swine ate, and no one gave him anything”.(vs. 16).

There is no one God has not blessed with so many good things in life. The problem of many is their inability to appreciate what they have, but rather focus on what others have that they don’t have.

And at the end of the day they end up losing what they have initially and will be left with nothing. Such was the case of the young man from our text for today, who was the son of a rich man, a loving father, but felt he wanted to be like some other young men in town who were cruising it all over.

He forcefully took his inheritance from his father, and went away and squandered it all. The good life he had while he was with his father was lost and he suffered in so many ways.

He never appreciated the good life he had before until he desired to eat the food meant for pigs, yet he was restricted from doing so. I see some ignorant women complaining and frustrating their husbands because he couldn’t do what some other men are doing for their wives, what a foolish act.

Beloved, if such women will move closer to such homes, they will realize some things they have in their home that they do not have as well in those homes. Its not even in this age of fake social media lives, that someone should make himself sad and miserable.

What is not enough today will definitely become surplus one day. The prodigal son had to return back to his father before he could experience true peace and comfort. Thank God for his forgiving father who took him back with an open hand. Be grateful to God for what you have today.

You are a champion!

Further Study: John 15:10-24.

Covenant Prayers

  • Father, I thank you seeing the last day of this month.
  • Dear Lord, I give you praise for where I am today by your grace.
  • I receive grace, to appreciate where I am and what I have today.
  • My dreams shall not be shattered by evil forces and powers.


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