They Became The Victims Of Their Own Evil Agenda

Text for Today: Dan. 6:10-24 “And the king gave the command, and they brought those men who had accused Daniel, and they cast them into the den of lions.” (vs. 24a).

Right from the foundation of the earth up till now, there is no battle that cannot be dealt with using the instruments of God’s word and warfare prayers. Our God is ever committed to fighting for His children and putting their adversaries to shame, no matter how many they are or how strong they may be.

When God fights for a man at times, he himself becomes afraid of the judgment God exacts upon the enemies. While God was promoting and lifting Daniel up, his enemies were busy deliberating and plotting how to terminate his life.

I pray for you today that, whoever is plotting your downfall because of your glory that is speaking shall be consumed by fire in Jesus’ name. What a wicked world we live in, one would have thought those men who plotted against Daniel would have a rethink when they saw that he was about being thrown into the den of lions.

But they looked away and celebrated their supposed victory over him, not knowing His God will fight for him. If you can shout three powerful amen, I pray for you today that, those who want you dead, shall not see next month cycle in the name of Jesus.

Beloved, no matter what men may do against you in your school, place of work, business or family, just keep on trusting God through fasting and prayer, for He is more than able to deliver you and judge your enemies.

Wherever you find yourself in life, always carry out your assignment with the whole of your might believing God for your reward. The wicked will not triumph over you in Jesus name.

 You are a Champion!

Further Study: Est. 7:1-10.

Covenant Prayers                         

  • Father, I thank you for diverse victories you have given me.
  • Lord, cause every one plotting my downfall to fall down and die.
  • Father, use the trap set for me by the adversaries to ensnare them.
  • This last quarter of 2022, all my enemies are in trouble.


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