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Rejoice In Small Things And They Will Continue To Grow

Text for Today: Philippians 4:1-7 “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice.” (vs. 4).

 Embrace today! Embrace the new day! Yesterday is gone forever. Tomorrow is in the hands of God. All we have is now and a great day to look forward to.

A rejoicing heart soon makes a praising tongue. God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in Him to keep moving, keep living and keep rejoicing.

In fact, He expects you not just to simply face the future like a man who has no hope, He expects you to embrace and shape the future, love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities. God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He has always done.

But He can’t if you don’t keep rejoicing always. Beloved, I want you to know that, God is not a God of sadness, death, but the devil is. For the Bible says, “In His presence, there is fullness of joy.”

Christ is a God of joy and so the Scripture often say that we should rejoice. As believers, we are admonished to be of merry heart at all times.

For a merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bone. Loving God means rejoicing in God, being eager to think of and pray to God.

It means being glad to be in God’s presence and to be with God alone. It means not giving room for sadness or broken spirit, but rejoicing in God simply because God is involved in the affairs of your life.

I pray that, the joy of the Lord shall not depart from your household in the name of Jesus. You will not know any sorrow.

You are a champion!

Further Study: I Cor. 15:50-58.

Covenant Prayers                        

  • Father, I give you praise for the gift of life today.
  • I receive grace to be on the side of the Almighty always.
  • O Lord, restore unto me the joy of salvation, in Jesus’ name.
  • I refuse to lose any battle to the enemy in Jesus’ name.


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