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Opportunity Is The Ladder You Climb To Your Throne

Text for Today: Eccles. 9:1-12 “I returned and saw under the sun that, The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, but time and chance happen to them all.” (vs.11)     

Where you are today in life is a function of what you did with the opportunities that came your way in time past and where you will be tomorrow will be the result of what you are doing with the opportunities right before you today. Beloved, only fools blame others for wherever they are today, and you must know that, even witches and wizards cannot stop you if you don’t make a mess of opportunities that God bring your way in life.

So many people are praying silently today for God to give them some great opportunities they once wasted. The more opportunity you are able to maximize the better your life will be.

Never underestimate the power of opportunity as you go through your journey in life. Don’t wait till the end of the year before you begin to position yourself for opportunities that will take you to the throne.

Opportunities come our ways every day, very many times in disguise. It doesn’t matter how last month was or the number of opportunities you have lost since the year started, many more opportunities still abound.

Don’t allow the failures; setbacks of the past to weigh you down. From our further study for today, Ruth did not allow the setbacks of the past to weigh her down, she went all out in search of something for herself and her mother-in-law to eat and she met with a lifetime opportunity.

That even the world is yet to recover from. Because she happened to be one of the great, great, grandmother of Jesus Christ. How could she have met Boaz if she had remained in doors waiting for manna that will never fall?

You are a Champion!

Further study: Ruth 4:1-15.

Covenant Prayers                             

  • Father, I thank you for your faithfulness towards me.
  • Lord, I thank you for all the opportunities you brought my way.
  • I decree that the setback of the past will not hinder me in life.
  • All my dreams and aspirations for this month will come to pass.


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