Let Your Battle Become The Lord’s Battle

Text for today: Ps. 121:1-8 “My help comes from the Lord; Who made heaven and earth.” (vs. 2).

Your knowledge of who God is will determine the kind of covering you get from him. When a child sees his father around, there is no one who can intimidate him.

This reminds me of a three years old boy in our church who was with his dad in my office one day, and my wife came in to intimidate him just by way of teasing him and told him to follow her with his school bag which was with him then but the boy refused, and held on to his dad.

This is a boy who normally jumps up at the slightest instruction given to him by my wife whenever his dad is not around. Right there I said to his dad that, if only we believers could behave in such a way, whereby once we are sure of God’s presence nothing should be able to scare us at all.

When the children of Israel faced Goliath of Gath in a battle, the army of Israel came under the spirit of fear, because, instead of relying on God’s backing, they were overwhelmed by the problem. Thank God, for David, when he came, he lifted up his eyes to God and instead of comparing Goliath to himself, he compared him to God and Goliath became like a bird.

No wonder, David refused to run away from Goliath like others did. He that is in him is bigger and greater than he that is in the world. No matter how big your problem is, it is big only when you are facing it with your own ability.

Try to put that problem or mountain beside God and see who is greater. Let your battle become the Lord’s battle. Remember, as you go out today that, God is able!

You are a Champion!

Further Study: 1 Sam. 17:26-57.

Covenant Prayers                     

  • Father, I thank you for who you are in my life.
  • I reject and cast out the spirit of fear from my life.
  • Every Goliath that is making himself big in my life, shall die.
  • Lord, let people see your greatness in my life today in Jesus’ name.


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