The Altar Of Baal In My Father’s House Will Not Stop Me (3)

Text for Today: Lam. 5:1-8 “Our fathers sinned and are no more, But we bear their iniquities.” (vs. 7).

There are evil voices from our background speaking against us, so as to destroy our future. That is why you must be sensitive and violent spiritually.

How many times had it happened to you that anytime someone promised to help you; the person will always end up in trouble that he/she cannot be able to help? It is that Baal in your foundation that is attacking the people that want to help you.

Please pray this prayer now: Any Baal in my foundation attacking my divine helpers, so that they will not be able to help me, die, in the name of Jesus. For seven years; Gideon and the rest of Israel suffered humiliation and defeat by the Midianites, just because there were Baals in their houses (Judges 6:1-6, 11).

Gideon’s encounter with the Lord changed his situation and the rest of Israel. They became captain over their enemies. (Judges 7:9-23). I pray for you today that may you also have encounter with God in the cause of these warfare prayers that will change your family’s condition for good.

This is the time to deal with Baal in your father’s house. How to deal with the altars of Baal in your father’s house:

(i) Go to your father’s house in prayers and disconnect yourself and family from idol-worshipping.

(ii) Re-dedicate your life to God and serve the living God.

(iii) Pull down and destroy the altars of Baal, using Holy Ghost Fire and the Blood of Jesus.

(iv) Declare salvation, peace, righteousness and holiness over you and your family.

Any father who succeeds in doing this has liberated the destiny of his own children.

 You are a Champion!

Further Study: Ex. 34:1-11.

Covenant Prayers                             

  • I nullify any prophesy from the altar of Baal, against my destiny.
  • I recover every good thing which Baal has stolen from my family.
  • I recover all my prosperity that has been swallowed up by baal.
  • I uproot every evil tree supporting Baal in my father’s house.


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